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Today's Facility Manager – Using Smart and Healthy Ventilation to Improve Your Building's Energy Efficiency

Recent research indicates that buildings are responsible for roughly 40% of global energy consumption. Incorporating "green" building technology within your facility can alleviate the strain on our environment. Learn why Aircuity is focused on smart and healthy ventilation.

Crime Lab Deconstruction

The design of Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory included detailed pressure mapping to provide simple, effortless pressure control between many zones.

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OptiNet Applications – Dynamic Variation of Lab Air Change Rates

An in depth look at a unique sensing technology that makes varying air change rates a solution that works.

OptiNet Applications – A Healthier, More Energy Efficient Approach to Demand Control Ventilation

Identifying the underlying issues around the concept of DCV is how Aircuity's technology came to life. A multi-parameter approach is the answer to providing a healthy indoor environment.

OptiNet Applications – A Review of the Unique Requirements for Facility Monitoring System

To successfully and cost effectively enable energy savings applications such as demand controlled ventilation and differential enthalpy economizer control, a multi-parameter, multiple location, facility monitoring system should be deployed and at least meet the requirements described within this white paper.

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