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K - 12 Schools

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K-12 Educational Facilities

High performance, sustainable design, and green buildings are mainstream terms these days with K-12 educational facilities.

White Paper

OptiNet Applications – Dynamic Variation of Lab Air Change Rates

An in depth look at a unique sensing technology that makes varying air change rates a solution that works.

OptiNet Applications – A Healthier, More Energy Efficient Approach to Demand Control Ventilation

Identifying the underlying issues around the concept of DCV is how Aircuity's technology came to life. A multi-parameter approach is the answer to providing a healthy indoor environment.

OptiNet Applications – A Review of the Unique Requirements for Facility Monitoring System

To successfully and cost effectively enable energy savings applications such as demand controlled ventilation and differential enthalpy economizer control, a multi-parameter, multiple location, facility monitoring system should be deployed and at least meet the requirements described within this white paper.

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