Aircuity Services Commitment

Fresh sensors. Hardware covered. System monitored. Insightful data.

The Aircuity Services Commitment creates measurably better environments and makes certain that your Aircuity system continues to run safely and effectively over time. Four services make up the bundle: Monitoring, Sensor Assurance, Hardware Assurance and Reporting. Each of these delivers benefits that are critical to ensuring system integrity, accuracy and reliability year after year.

1) Sensor Assurance

Aircuity’s Sensor Assurance program delivers value year after year to all our clients with the reassurance that sensors are routinely refreshed to ensure ongoing safety and savings. The sensor exchange is seamless due to the system’s unique centralized sensing platform. All sensors are located remotely in Aircuity’s Sensor Suite which is typically located in an area of the building where sensor exchange is not disruptive to tenants, lab technicians, teachers, etc.

• Sensor Calibration: Sensors require periodic calibration to ensure their long-term accuracy and reliable performance. All sensors undergo scheduled factory recalibration twice per year. These factory performed services include sensor calibration and a functional test of the unit based on the sensor manufacturer’s instructions. A calibration certificate is available for each sensor, which contains information on calibration settings and the values obtained during its full range of testing.

• Sensor Exchange: Every six months, freshly calibrated sensors will be shipped from Aircuity’s Calibration Laboratory to the Aircuity representative for installation at the Sensor Suite. The representative will exchange the calibrated sensor for the one currently in the system and return the previous sensor to the factory in the prepaid package. Aircuity manages this process for the life of the active system to eliminate the risk of sensor failure and the headaches of scheduling sensor exchanges.

• Sensor Element Replacement: The sensor element is the internal component that performs the actual sensing. Sensor elements are consumed, wear out, and/or become inactive over time as a natural part of their operation. Sensor element replacement is performed as required during the course of sensor calibration at no additional charge to the customer. As the element degrades and/or wears out over time, it is routinely replaced to assure the Aircuity system is operating at peak performance.

• Sensor Hardware: The repair or replacement of any defective sensor component is covered by the hardware aspect of Sensor Assurance.

• Sensor Firmware: Periodic software updates are covered by the firmware aspect of Sensor Assurance so you’ll always have the latest and greatest functionality.

2) Reporting

Reporting is a platform of continuously captured data, actionable insight and analytical tools that demonstrate savings achieved, protection provided and improvement opportunities.

• Dashboard: Aircuity’s dashboard provides a daily view of your savings, system performance and occupant behavior. Building data from other systems can be integrated through the BMS, enhancing the diagnostic capabilities of the dashboard

• Graphing & Exporting: This tool is used for a deeper dive into your facility’s operation. See an event on your dashboard? Graphing & Exporting allows you to dig deeper into the cause. The available data can also be used for reporting and documentation purposes.

3) Monitoring

Monitoring is routine oversight of every system by experts on Aircuity and the built environment to identify issues and opportunities that impact customer outcomes.

• Data Upload: Verification is performed on every test area to ensure it is uploading correctly.

• System Events: The system is scanned for proper functionality and is checked for such events as leak test status and communication hardware status.

• Sensor Performance: All sensors have a designated life span which is why sensor performance is reviewed for a number of conditions including out of range, failure, and calibration due date. Any issues found are either solved remotely or by sending Aircuity certified service technicians.

4) Hardware Assurance

Aircuity’s system is designed to be a long-term solution for your facility. Certain subcomponents of the system have a calculated life span; Aircuity’s Hardware Assurance will provide for the replacement of the vacuum pump, UPS and Information Management Server. This service makes certain that the components of your system are operating at their peak performance for years to come.

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Aircuity Services Commitment Creates Measurably Better Environments

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