Airside Efficiency Program

Delivering Measurably Better Environments

Reduce energy and deferred maintenance backlog while optimizing operations costs across core facilities

Airside efficiency programs touch many business goals and with a long list of things on campus in need of time, funds and attention that is important. A decision to implement a program with Aircuity means energy savings, optimized operational costs, and a reduced deferred maintenance backlog. Aircuity’s solution can be easily replicated in a variety of buildings providing low risk and a high return. In critical spaces (labs, vivariums, OR suites) Aircuity typically results in an energy reduction of 50% or more. HVAC related energy in variable occupancy spaces (classrooms, libraries, student unions, auditoriums) can be reduced by 15 – 30%. Funds saved can then be reinvested back into research or other projects on campus. Optimizing the ventilation in these buildings also creates a better indoor environmental quality (IEQ) for occupants, making the facility a measurably better place to learn, work or visit. Airside programs are good business. Period.

The Benefits: Total Picture

Aircuity’s benefits extend beyond just deep energy savings and a better IEQ.

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Applicable Spaces

Aircuity can be applied to a variety of spaces on a university or a healthcare facility’s campus. The larger the program, the larger the impact. On a university campus an airside efficiency program can be applied in labs, vivaria, student unions, large classroom buildings, library, theatre or a sports arena. Applicable spaces for healthcare facilities include labs, vivaria, ORs, patient waiting areas or the cafeteria.

Solution Offerings

Our goal is to make deploying airside efficiency easy for all organizations, which is why we offer two different product types. For those whose capital resources are directed to other budget areas, implementing the program through an energy services agreement (ESA) is a great option. An ESA means immediate energy savings without the capital outlay.

Solution Offerings

Proven Results

With an ROI of generally less than 2 years and operational benefits, airside programs are a best practice. Many customer have already implemented one on their campus and tell us it’s a “smart investment”. More than 250 other current Aircuity customers are ready to begin one as well. The University of California, Irvine has made airside efficiency a core component of their Smart Labs initiative which has reduced energy use by 61% in over 17 buildings.

The Process

Aircuity works with the customer and follows and a proven process of implementing the program.

Program Process

My Airside Program

Your local Aircuity representative can review your facilities and provide an initial estimate of the program’s impact on your campus.