Government Facilities

Aircuity helps government facilities improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

For government buildings, Aircuity provides the only intelligent airside efficiency solution that cost effectively reduces greenhouse gas emissions and operational costs while also providing facilities with a comfortable working environment.

Aircuity: Improved Energy Efficiency and Significant Cost Reduction

Federal agencies face a daunting challenge regarding the implementation and integration of multiple laws, regulations, presidential directives, and other federal policies for meeting energy efficiency and sustainability goals. At the same time, they have limited budgets and ongoing pressure to reduce costs. To help meet all of these challenges, Aircuity offers a cost-effective solution that helps government facility managers reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while reducing operational expenses. The resulting energy savings helps managers achieve a fast return on investment while showcasing its commitment toward creating a sustainable environment.

Compliance with Green Initiatives and Government Mandates

As the nation’s largest energy consumer, the Federal Government has a tremendous opportunity and clear responsibility to lead by example. In support of the energy management requirements defined in the most recent Executive Order 13514 “Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance,” Federal facilities must meet green-house gas emissions as a unifying priority for Federal energy and environmental management. It requires agencies to inventory and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in addition to other energy and environmental mandates. Aircuity provides an intelligent airside efficiency solution that can jump-start government facilities’ compliance with green initiatives. Aircuity’s solution can be included as part of a renovation or retrofit project, integrated into an ESCO project or deployed as a stand-alone project.

Aircuity Advisor: Building Insight and Intelligence

Aircuity’s Reporting Component provides visual reports and actionable information to ensure energy savings and optimize facility performance. Facility managers can access current and historical information, including GHG reductions, Indoor Environmental Quality, energy use, flow data, and more.

Find out the energy savings potential for your facility.

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