K-12 Schools

Aircuity delivers a healthy, clean, energy efficient space for today's educational facilities.

The first objective of any school facility is to provide a healthy, comfortable and productive learning environment. By continuously monitoring indoor environmental quality (IEQ), Aircuity solutions ensure that student achievement is not negatively affected by distracting IEQ issues.

Aircuity = A Healthy & Productive Learning Environment
School districts strive to raise student achievement, often with limited or even decreasing resources. Aircuity’s unique approach provides a “Healthy DCV” solution where students and teachers enjoy a better overall learning environment.

Public Funding Savings
Aircuity’s “Healthy DCV” solution can reduce annual energy costs by varying a facility’s ventilation on demand. This savings can be redirected directly into educational programs or simply used to reduce a school’s budget. In addition, new school construction costs can be greatly reduced by downsizing the HVAC system based on Aircuity’s ability to direct ventilation where and when it is needed.

LEED® Certification
In response to a growing need to improve the air quality in schools in order to enhance student learning, the US Green Building Council (USGBC) released a LEED for Schools standard in recognition of the industry’s need to provide a healthier indoor environment for our nation’s future leaders. Aircuity solutions play a significant role in qualifying school buildings for LEED certification.

Insight and Intelligence
Schools often find themselves under-staffed in terms of facility and operations management. Aircuity’s Reporting component can help by providing a dashboard to quickly highlight areas that may need attention by facility managers.

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With Aircuity schools are strategic assets helping drive districts' core mission.

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Success Brief

K-12 Educational Facilities

High performance, sustainable design, and green buildings are mainstream terms these days with K-12 educational facilities.

Case Study

Case Study – Richardsville Elementary

Case Study – Meade County School District