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Aircuity safely delivers significant energy savings and extraordinary ROI for life science facilities.

Research facilities need proper ventilation to maintain a safe environment for occupants. At the same time, it is impossible to ignore the energy consumption of labs when investigating energy efficiency measures. Aircuity's Lab DCV solutions make it possible for life sciences facilities to maintain a safe and comfortable working environment while significantly improving energy efficiency.

Significant Energy Savings Potential

Life Science facilities use significant amounts of energy to provide their laboratory areas with 100% fresh air ventilation. Realizing that most labs have clean air in them the vast majority of the time, facility managers often “guesstimate” a lower, fixed air exchange to save energy. Unfortunately, this reduction is not based on the actual condition of the lab, so when the air is clean, the ventilation rates are still relatively high, and when there is need for dilution, the lower fixed rate of exchange may not be enough. Lowering the air exchange rate is the proper thing to do; varying the rate based on actual information about the air is the right way to do it.

Smart Lab Demand Control Ventilation

Aircuity provides a unique solution for Lab Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) by implementing a multiplexed air sampling system with centralized sensors. The system continuously monitors critical indoor parameters and provides input to adjust ventilation rates as needed. In addition to energy savings, EHS professional staff now have access to indoor environmental quality (IEQ) data, enabling them to verify safety and proper lab protocols.

Low Life Cycle Costs and Rapid Return on Investment

Aircuity systems can reduce energy consumption in laboratory space by 50% or more, resulting in simple payback timeframes of 2 years or less. Additionally, by utilizing a centralized suite of sensors, life cycle costs to maintain calibration is minimal compared to large numbers of distributed sensors in every lab area.

Insight and Intelligence

Aircuity’s Reporting component provides data in a daily Dashboard view along with a deeper dive through Graphing and Exporting to ensure energy savings and optimize facility performance. Facility managers can access current and historical information about each laboratory, including IEQ, energy use, flow data, and more.

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