Indoor Environmental Quality

Knowledge about what is going on inside your building.

Maintaining a high quality indoor environment starts with the requirement of actually knowing what is going on throughout your facility. The OptiNet system continuously monitors IEQ parameters, giving facility owners and managers insight to IEQ problems on a near real-time basis.

When it comes to providing a safe building environment, there is little room for error. The Aircuity system measures a number of key parameters to assess ventilation performance, ensuring your buildings, and its occupants, can work at their best. The system collects an array of data within a facility on a continuous basis:

  • Temperature: providing accurate thermal comfort in accordance with ASHRAE standards
  • Dewpoint – Relative Humidity: controlling moisture levels for comfort of occupants and to prevent the growth of harmful microbials and molds, which is in turn critical to preserving sensitive documents and artifacts in libraries, museums, art galleries and archive vaults
  • Carbon Dioxide: supplying just the right amount of ventilation to balance CO2 levels in the air without the fear of losing energy and money on over ventilation or sacrificing health and safety by coming up short
  • Total Volatile Organic Compounds: reduce the hazardous levels of compounds that come from everyday sources such as gasoline, paint solvents, combustion byproducts and spray product propellants, which can affect human and animal health in research labs and can harm preservation efforts in libraries, museums, art galleries and archive vaults
  • Small Particles: monitor particles in critical environments, such as healthcare facilities where high concentrations of pollutants can act as irritants to the eyes, skin and respiratory tract, while also putting occupants at risk for infectious disease
  • Carbon Monoxide: prevent the accumulation of this colorless, odorless and tasteless gas produced by the incomplete combustion of carbon fuels

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Find out the energy savings potential for your facility.

OptiNet Applications – A Review of the Unique Requirements for Facility Monitoring System

To successfully and cost effectively enable energy savings applications such as demand controlled ventilation and differential enthalpy economizer control, a multi-parameter, multiple location, facility monitoring system should be deployed and at least meet the requirements described within this white paper.