LEED Certification

Deploying the OptiNet system will help earn LEED certification points for building owners.

LEED certification is rapidly becoming a baseline expectation for commercial building owners. Aircuity systems can play a significant role in providing both energy efficiency and insight to a facilities IEQ, which are the essence of the LEED standard.

Indoor Environmental Quality

Aircuity’s system has a direct and primary impact on Indoor Environmental Quality Certification:

  • EQ Credit 1:             Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring
  • EQ Credit 3.2:         Construction IAQ Management Plan: Before Occupancy
  • EQ Credit 7.2:         Thermal Comfort: Verification


Energy and Atmosphere Contribution

Aircuity can provide significant energy savings.  It may be deployed independently for DCV or combined with other energy efficiency measure to achieve tremendous cumulative energy efficiency points.

EA Credit 1:   Optimize Energy Performance, one point for improving energy efficiency 12% beyond baseline calculations (8% for renovations), and one additional point for every 2% improvement after that–Aircuity could contribute 1-4 points or more when combined with other energy efficiency measures.

Innovation and Design Process:  Organizations implementing Aircuity have received one point for innovation and design.

Comprehensive IEQ Management System:  Use of the Aircuity system can also assist in earning credits for two additional points:
EA Credit 5: Measurement and Verification (M&V)
IEQ Credit 3.1: Construction IAQ Mgmt Plan: During Construction

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