System Components

The components provide accuracy, reliability, and flexibility for system configuration and implementation.

Aircuity's system continuously collects an array of building indoor environmental data. Air samples are gathered from individual spaces and at the air handler level and routed through the network to the Sensor Suite for analysis. The sampled data is then transmitted to the web based platform for archiving and reporting. Additionally, the data is communicated to the facility's Building Management System for control of the facility's ventilation systems to reduce energy costs while improving indoor environmental quality.

Sensor Suite

The Sensor Suite (SST) is built on a scalable architecture to accept a variety of sensors for multipoint sampling of a host of indoor environmental parameters. The sensor suite affords distributed, multiplexed based sensing of the monitored areas by automating the collection of real time, area specific data received from Air Data Routers. A shared sensor platform minimizes calibration and maintenance costs while maximizing potential energy savings.

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Sensor Suite Sensors

Located within a Sensor Suite, Sensor Suite Sensors (SEN) evaluate an array of environmental conditions using a shared sensor architecture. Each sensor is designed for optimal performance based upon a specific control or monitoring application. A range of sensors are available to measure: -carbon dioxide (CO2) -carbon monoxide (CO) -dewpoint temperature -total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs) -airborne particulates

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Information Management System

The Information Management System (IMS) provides network management of the Sensor Suites; communications to the MyAircuity web app user interface and reporting; and for integration to a facility's Building Management System.

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Structured Cable (OSC)

The OSC is the communications backbone for Aircuity's system. The cable is a composite of both traditional LAN based technologies; and a patented air sampling medium named MicroDuct®. An exact blend of carbon nanotubes and a fluoropolymer resin maintain superior particle transport and chemical purity of the air sample.

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Tubing (OT)

The OT air sampling medium provides a cost-effective solution for environments where carbon dioxide (CO2) and/or carbon monoxide (CO) levels are being monitored. OT is suitable for use between the Air Data Router (ADR) and the location from where the sample is being taken.

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Room Probe

The Room Probe (RS) interfaces to the Air Data Router for room level sensing of temperature; and for drawing air samples from the test areas through the patented MicroDuct® communications path. The RS also supports connections to tubing used in applications involving only CO2 and/or CO measurement as the virtual parameter. The assembly is semi-flush mounted and can be custom painted to match architectural interiors.

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Duct Probes

The Duct Probe (DPB) interfaces to the Air Data Router for duct and outside air level sensing of temperature; and for drawing air samples from the test areas through the patented MicroDuct® communications path. The DPB also supports connections to OT used in applications involving only CO2 and/or CO measurement as the virtual parameter. Enclosures are selected based on interior and exterior (weather tight) applications.

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Air Data Routers

The Air Data Router (ADR) provides the means of routing air sample packets and temperature data from the desired test location back to the Sensor Suite (SST) for measurement. The SST and associated ADRs are connected via a backbone consisting of OSC Structured Cable (OSC). The ADR and its four individual test area locations can be connected via OSC, OT Tubing, or MicroDuct® depending on the application. Refer to the individual product data sheets OSC100, OT100, & MD100 for more information. Optional hardwired expansion modules allow for monitoring, signaling, and data collection of located HVAC equipment.

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High Flow Vacuum Pump

The HFP series High Flow Vacuum Pump provides a continuous vacuum through the OSC Structured Cable communications backbone, and is provided with a bracket assembly, backup redundancy, and status notifications. The pump connects to the Sensor Suite (SST), which sequences air samples from the Air Data Routers (ADRs). Multiple areas can be monitored from the ADRs, and the routers can be networked as part of a larger distributed system.

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