System Overview

Technology behind the solution.

Aircuity's patented system takes samples of air remotely throughout a facility and routes them to a centralized suite of sensors. By measuring critical indoor environmental parameters, it can provide intelligent input to building ventilation systems for energy efficiency and high quality indoor environmental quality.

Game Changing Architecture:  Capture, Sense, and Control

Aircuity can capture air samples from specific rooms or from air supply ducts, and it routes these air samples to a centralized suite of sensors in a manner similar to how data packets are routed through a data network.  Utilizing a single set of high quality sensors increases the accuracy of the measurements needed and significantly lowers the life cycle costs of maintaining system calibration.  The sensor analysis is then used to inform building ventilation controls to optimize ventilation rates based on what is actually going on in the environment.

Solving the Issues of Remote Sensors

Aircuity’s use of centralized sensors solves many of the issues related to traditional sensing systems.  By analyzing air samples with a single sensor a true differential measurement is created that vastly improves the accuracy of the system.  By significantly reducing the number of sensors needed, higher quality sensors can be deployed to measure more critical parameters.  Life cycle costs are also reduced as Aircuity can cost-effectively provide scheduled calibration service, ensuring system accuracy and effectiveness year after year.

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Aircuity Overview

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