Data Uncovers Additional Savings Opportunities

$124K Per Year Energy Savings; Data Uncovers Additional Savings Opportunities

Georgetown University in Washington, DC, one of the world’s leading academic and research institutions, recently implemented Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) with Aircuity, in a large research center. Within the first year, the energy savings provided by the DCV system was nearly $124,000.

What’s more, soon after completion, Georgetown’s analytics team used the DCV system data to identify 5 areas of opportunity that the university could address to reach their full savings potential:

• Fume hood behavior
• Rooms with high thermal loads
• Rooms with frequent DCV responses
• Incorrectly programmed fume hoods
• Increased fan power for more duct static in one room

Using the Aircuity 2.0 Platform, Georgetown University has delivered energy savings in an already cutting-edge building; gained quick and easy access to actionable information that is valued by multiple stakeholders; and created measurably better environments for all occupants.

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