Decarbonization Through Ventilation Optimization: Impact, Economics & Execution

1. 28% of carbon comes from building operations*.
2. Ventilation optimization, particularly in labs and research institutions will have the most significant impact on true carbon footprint reduction.

1. Every dollar invested in ventilation optimization generates a 5x return on future decarbonization efforts in just 5 years.
2. Energy only ROI is typically less than 3 years.
3. Ventilation optimization carbon equation= efficiency carbon reduction + future decarbonization project offset + cost of carbon.

1. Significant decarbonization results can be achieved quickly (7 buildings for major life sciences firm in 9 months).
2. Typical projects address deferred maintenance while also improving the life cycle operating conditions of the buildings.
3. Complete turnkey delivery assuming rebate incentive risk with multiple funding options allow for rapid implementation to achieve stated goals.