Dual Channel Particle Counter – A Key to Combatting Viral Transmission Indoors

Aircuity has been creating healthy indoor environments for over 20 years. There are several parts of the system that are patented and unique. One of these is Aircuity’s dual channel particle counter- other sensing solution don’t offer this and it is one of Aircuity’s small features that has a big impact. The dual channel particle counter includes a channel between 0.3μm and 0.5μm, and a second channel which measures between 0.5μm and 2.5μm. Here is why the channel that measures smaller particles is a must-have when creating healthier spaces:

1) According to research, particles ranging from 0.3 – 0.65 µm make the largest contribution to particle mass indoors. It would not be uncommon for 90% of the SEN-PAR-1 (0.3–2.5μm) total count be made up of particles in the size range of 0.3–0.5μm. By segmenting the two particle ranges events are illuminated that may otherwise go undetected.

2) Particles that are 0.3μm and 0.5μm stay airborne for a long time and viruses attach then themselves to these particles.

3) Filters are inefficient at removing these smaller particles: A MERV 13 filter is only 40% efficient with 0.3 μm particles whereas the same filter is 100% efficient with a 2.5 μm micron particle.