Macro Trends Across the Built Environment

There are two macro trends in the market that are seemingly at odds– ESG commitments toward sustainability, energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions – and the fact that COVID helped bring to light the importance of healthy indoor air quality and the impact it can have on health and productivity.  The good thing is that Aircuity can address both of these simultaneously, and as a result, we have seen large growth in our life sciences and higher education markets. Let’s take a look at these macro trends and what is driving them:

  1. Sustainability & Carbon Reduction
  • Carbon Neutrality across campuses – Scope 1 reduction (real reduction)
  • Environmental stewardship
  1. Movement to Electrify Buildings & Provide Clean Energy Sources
  • Reduce & eliminate the use of fossil fuels
  • Power buildings with renewable energy
  • “Carrots and Sticks” evolving rapidly to more than just entice owners to implement
  1. Indoor Air Quality Expectations
  • Growing awareness of IAQ and its effect on health, safety and productivity
  • Using data to drive healthy conditions in all spaces