Aircuity CEO Delivers Remarks on the Convergence of Supply and Demand Side Management at CERAWeek

Aircuity, (, creator of measurably better environments, announced that CEO, Dan Diehl, spoke during CERAWeek 2018 on the evolving landscape of the built environment. CERAWeek by IHS Markit is the world’s premier energy event with comprehensive insight into the global and regional energy future.

This marks the second year Mr. Diehl has been invited to speak at the distinguished conference. During his session, he addressed the Convergence of Supply & Demand Side Management, which is part of the changing landscape for the utility industry.

“A number of things such as decarbonization, distributed generation, and utilities moving closer to end customers are driving the change. Efficiency, and in particular airside efficiency, has an enormous impact on demand reduction and is becoming a critical ingredient into a balanced and business focused supply and demand management approach” stated Diehl. “There are three important reasons why efficiency should be a focus. First, it delivers measurable demand reduction with attractive ROIs. Second, when bundled into a larger energy project, it helps clients address problematic deferred maintenance backlogs and allows them to upgrade aging infrastructure. Lastly, it offsets clean and distributed generation costs with the continued movement to Net Zero facilities.”

Airside efficiency is one of the largest untapped energy efficiency opportunities and Aircuity can be the most impactful measure in a carbon reduction plan. As the WELL and COGfx movements continue to advance, Aircuity’s unique productivity and health and safety benefits are growing increasingly more important for facility owners.

Diehl concluded, “We look forward to continuing to be part of the conversation and value the growing efficiency focus at CERAWeek. We can clearly see the continued movement to an integrated solution of supply, demand and quality environments.”