Aircuity Partners with Tozour Energy Systems to Enhance Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Philadelphia and South Jersey Markets

Addressing COVID-19 by helping businesses and schools resume in-person activities

NEWTON, Mass., USA ― Jan. 13 2021 ― Aircuity (, the indoor air quality company, today announced a new partnership agreement with Tozour Energy Systems, the leading commercial HVAC and building automation solutions provider in Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey.

The agreement positions Tozour as an Aircuity representative for Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware, providing healthy and efficient ventilation services to higher education and K-12 school markets, commercial offices, healthcare, and other indoor environments where people work and study.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made indoor air quality (IAQ) a pressing concern for all building owners, and in particular businesses and schools, as employees and students begin to resume in-person activities.

“Tozour’s keen focus on upgrading facilities for changing conditions and wide breadth of solutions make it uniquely qualified to address the COVID era’s acute need for healthy building solutions,” stated Tom Kolsun, Aircuity’s Vice President of OEM Sales. “Today’s crisis conditions make ventilation critical to creating and maintaining healthy indoor environments, and Tozour ― as an Aircuity partner ― will help bring the latest IAQ solutions to owners, occupiers and designers to create healthy and productive buildings.”

Aircuity coupled with Tozour Energy Systems will provide a data-driven platform that will measure, control and communicate the proper amount of outside air to different areas of the building based on building occupancy and building space requirements.

“Aircuity’s industry-leading indoor environmental quality platform is the perfect fit for the Tozour Healthy Building initiative,” said Kevin Duffy, President of Tozour Energy Systems. “People are a building’s most valuable resource. Aircuity’s patented ventilation technology produces a healthier and safer indoor environment while keeping energy costs low. When integrated with Tozour SMART Services, the building system is continuously supervised and optimized.”

Tozour Healthy Buildings encompasses all aspects of indoor environments including air quality, filtration, ventilation, thermal health, humidity, lighting and more. The initiative provides advanced solutions, equipment and controls to help owners, and facility and operations managers, assess, upgrade and maintain healthy buildings. Tozour will leverage Aircuity’s analytics platform for its continuous improvement and performance metrics, as well as giving clients a clear picture of air quality in the building.

For more information about Aircuity’s IAQ solutions, please click here.