University of Houston Selects Aircuity to Significantly Enhance Energy Efficiency in its New Health and Biomedical Science Center

Leveraging Aircuity’s OptiNet® System, Comprehensive Ventilation Optimization Program will help Improve Air Quality While Reducing Energy Costs

Aircuity, the smart airside efficiency company, today announced that the University of Houston (UH) is leveraging Aircuity’s OptiNet demand-control ventilation (DCV) system, to develop a ventilation optimization program that will not only enhance indoor air quality, but significantly improve overall energy efficiency in its new Health and Biomedical Science Center (HBSC). When at full capacity, the annual energy savings for this facility are projected to be $239,270, which would give the project a simple return on investment of 2 years.

University of Houston will implement Aircuity’s OptiNet system in the building’s office, classroom, ambulatory surgery suite, vivarium and laser center areas of the Biomedical Center. Leveraging DCV technology, Aircuity’s multiplexed air sensing and measurement system will be able to continuously sense and analyze the building’s indoor environment and provide intelligent inputs to the building management systems, making adjustments to the ventilation flow as needed and allowing the facility to optimize airflow in an efficient manner.

“With Aircuity’s help, UH will be able to achieve their dual objectives of improving IEQ as well lowering energy costs,” said Rob Brierley, COO and President of Aircuity. “The University has always been at the forefront in the campus sustainability movement, and we are delighted to support their efforts by providing cutting-edge technology that will help them reach their sustainability goals.”

Located in downtown Houston, UH has made great strides in encouraging green practices across their campus. As a signatory of the Presidents Climate Commitment (PCC) the University is investing in significant resources and cutting-edge technologies to help in the effort of climate neutrality.

Bringing together investigators from different colleges and departments in a first-class research facility, the 167,000-square-foot, six-story HBSC is a key clinical, educational and interdisciplinary research structure at UH. The center has been designed to facilitate collaboration across neuropsychology and neuroscience, measurement and statistics, biology and biochemistry, biomedical engineering, pharmacy, optometry, computer science and computational physiology.

Within the areas where OptiNet has been implemented, the ventilation system will continuously monitor the entire indoor environmental quality (IEQ) of the room, going beyond just temperature levels. The OptiNet system will be able to monitor the space for elements such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and other airborne particulates.

When the concentration of these agents increase above a prescribed limit, the OptiNet system directs the building’s ventilation system to increase the amount of fresh air delivered to the space being monitored. Increased ventilation levels will remain in effect until the environmental quality is back to a desirable level. This approach provides a more complete overview of the environment, ensuring that the rooms remain a healthy and productive environment.

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