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Aircuity solutions provide tremendous energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction.

Sustainability has become a distinct profession that has relevance across every business sector. Reducing energy use is a critical element to any sustainability plan, and Aircuity can play a significant role in providing energy efficiency in your facilities.

Aircuity will Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The fastest way to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions is to focus on the largest energy areas with high impact energy efficiency measures.  In the United States, commercial buildings account for 20% of primary energy end use, and the energy requirements for HVAC accounts for one third of this energy consumption. The bottom line:  Optimizing your building's ventilation system will be one of your most significant energy efficiency measures.

Rapid ROI = Rapid "Recycling" of Sustainability Budgets

Financial resources to fund sustainability initiatives are often limited and tied to cost savings or return on investment.  Aircuity solutions deliver energy savings that generate rapid return on initial capital investments.  Depending on the building type and application, Aircuity systems have demonstrated ROI rates of 20% – 60% or more.  With simple payback periods of 2 years or less, sustainability funds are quickly available for reuse on other carbon reduction initiatives.

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University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania incoporates Aircuity solutions campus wide to achieve their sustainability goals.

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