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Aircuity Celebrates 20 Years
December 15, 2019 Reducing Emissions
April 22, 2013
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Featured Events

October 22, 2023
2023 I2SL Annual Conference

Join Aircuity at I2SL’s Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA! We will be located at booth 308 in the exhibition hall and ready to share information on creating safe and sustainable labs through airflow optimization.

November 12, 2023
June 2, 2020
Webinar: Using the RESET Building Standard for Healthier Environments

12:00PM EST

The webinar will feature Raefer Wallis, Found and CEO of the RESET AP.

June 9, 2020
Webinar: Deploying Aircuity: Planning and Designing Projects

12:00PM EST

Join International WELL Building Institute’s Dr. Gray and Angela Spangler for an overview of WELL and a dive into IWBI’s view of Buildings as a Response to the current Coronavirus Pandemic.

June 14, 2020
Higher Ed Facilities Forum

The Higher Ed Facilities Forum combines a balance of thought-provoking presentations and peer-to-peer discussion groups.

October 4, 2020
I2SL Annual Conference

The I2SL Annual Conference and Technology Fair is the leading international conference focused on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in laboratories and related facilities. Through technical sessions, demonstrations, and exhibits, lab owners, operators, designers, engineers, safety mangers, and users exchange information covering the life cycle of the laboratory from design to use to disposal of products and packaging. I2SL expects more than 500 participants will attend the 2020 I2SL Annual Conference in Chicago!

July 27, 2021
September 26, 2021
2021 I2SL Conference
April 4, 2022
University Facilities for the Sciences & Advanced Technologies 2022 - Spring

Attend this conference to check your plans against what others are building for education, discovery, and innovation success in engineering, health sciences, biological/physical sciences, robotics, automated intelligence (AI), data sciences, biotechnology, nanotechnology, applied sciences, and other high-priority, high-tech programs.

Aircuity will be speaking and exhibiting.

May 5, 2022
Research Facilities 2022

Make this a key planning event for your project team (capital project people, lab planners, facility planners, facility engineers, consulting architects and engineers, operations managers, and research group leaders) to get everyone on the same planning page with respect to the details, numbers, processes, and expectations.

Aircuity will be speaking and exhibiting.

September 11, 2022
AIRI Annual Conference

AIRI 2022 will be held in-person September 11-14 at the Fairmont Chicago. More program information to follow.

October 16, 2022
2022 I2SL Conference

Join us October 16-19 for the 2022 I2SL Annual Conference and Technology Fair—the world’s leading international conference focused on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in laboratories and related facilities.


October 24, 2022
SLCan Sustainable Laboratory Conference

The 2022 SLCan Sustainable Laboratory Conference will be held October 24-26. The conference is a Canadian national forum focused on strengthening the sustainable laboratory community and sharing knowledge, promoting innovation and best practices, as well as providing a platform for strategic thinking and discussion on the challenges and opportunities related to these assets.

March 6, 2023

Aircuity’s CEO, Dan Diehl, is scheduled to speak during a panel discussion, Thursday March 9th at 2:30 CST entitled: Energy Efficiency and Making the Built Environment More Energy Efficient.

May 16, 2023
Lab Design Conference

Join Aircuity May 16-17 in San Diego for the Lab Design Conference. We will be located at booth 8 in the exhibition area and will be ready to share why airflow optimization is a great part of a sustainable lab design.