Air Quality as a Service

AQaaS allows building owners to tackle the three primary strategic requirements of air quality, sustainability and deferred maintenance in a strategic and economical manner. In most cases, savings can outperform payments making the project cash flow positive! Plus the cost of waiting to do these projects is huge and AQaaS delivers results now!

Address deferred maintenance
Net positive projects, little to no capital outlay
Optimize IAQ and achieve sustainability goals

Savings and Cashflow Examples

High Variable Occupancy or Lab Building

AQaaS Payment              Savings                Cash Flow
$119,048                         $185,185             $66,138

Project Above + Deferred Maintenance

AQaaS Payment             Savings                Cash Flow
$238,095                        $208,333             ($29,762)

Program Including Both Projects Above

AQaaS Payment             Savings                Cash Flow
$1,162,790.70                 $1,190,476          $27,685.49