Healthiest and Most Energy Efficient Vivarium


Aircuity optimizes ventilation rates, varying airflows to match current conditions in the vivarium.

Healthier Environment

Aircuity creates a better environment for both human and animal occupants.

Energy Savings

Vivariums are often the most energy intensive per square foot space. Aircuity has a direct energy savings benefit.

Powerful Data

Data supports AAALAC reporting and cage change optimization. The ability to capture and display additional BACnet® points from your building automation system (such as pressure) gives a broad and powerful view of data.

Did You Know?

  • 1

    More than 80 leading research institutes use Aircuity in their vivarium facilities.

  • 2

    Vivariums typically use 10x more energy than commercial office buildings. Aircuity’s platform addresses this with energy savings that range from 40–60%.

  • 3

    Accurate measurement of ammonia and particles is critical in vivarium applications.

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