Healthy Building Design (COVID-19)

With the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, ‘ventilation management’ is vitally important. We should begin treating all buildings as critical environments and Aircuity knows how to do this. A holistic management solution is required to create environments with healthy air for all building occupants. The key is measuring and controlling based on multiple parameters and directing more air when and where needed. WATCH VIDEO TO LEARN MORE

Multi-Parameter Demand Control Ventilation

Healthy air is delivered in increasing amounts based on the measured parameters of particles, total volatile organic compounds, humidity and CO2.

Technologies for a Holistic Approach (Adjacent Solution Considerations)

Aircuity is the control foundation, but for a comprehensive healthy air solution filtration, UV technologies, cleaning protocols, density and control strategies should work together.

Intelligent Data

An intuitive data platform offers facility managers, owners and other key health professionals an easy way of checking on the health of the air.  Data insight will also help quickly identify and address any problems areas.

Did You Know?

  • 1

    Low relative humidity has a direct association with increased RNA virus infections, transmission and disease severity.

  • 2

    Employers will be cleaning more frequently, using stronger chemicals and increasing the cleaning footprint therefore healthy air requires measuring total volatile organic compounds via demand control ventilation.

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    Additional HVAC design considerations include dedicated outside air systems (DOAS), density considerations, increased air change rates (using DCV to respond to actual conditions by space) and taking a deeper look at ventilation effective air mixing.

Healthy Building Design Resources