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Recent studies have proven that air quality impacts employee performance and is a growing concern for occupants worldwide. Creating healthy work spaces is a strategic advantage for employers and developers. Accurate indoor environmental quality measurement and control can drive critical business outcomes, including employee wellness, engagement and productivity. A credibly documented healthy work environment also helps to attract and retain top talent. These core-business benefits make Aircuity a strategic investment with a much higher ROI than typical facility cost-cutting measures.

Attract and Retain Tenants

Optimizing the indoor environment is a strategic advantage that helps to attract and retain top tenants.

Achieve the Vision of a WELL or RESET Certified Building

Air quality is directly linked to cognitive ability, and increasing the level of ventilation doubles employee performance. WELL’s Air feature is the largest, and contributes significant points toward achieving a WELL Certified building. Aircuity is also key in achieving a RESET Certified building, which relies on sensor-based, real time building performance data.

IEQ Data Capture and FDD Support

Aircuity gives owners, tenants and building managers 24/7 access to view intelligent data on IEQ in their building. Archived data is always available to help in diagnosing an issue or confirming healthy and productive air quality in the space.

Did You Know?

  • 1

    Aircuity has implemented muti-parameter demand control ventilation in commercial office spaces for over a decade.

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    Aircuity can provide value for the core and shell developer, as well as the owner occupier of the space, in support of WELL, RESET and owner occupier requirements.

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    Aircuity is sought out for the leading commercial office projects in the world. Buildings of over 3M square feet have Aircuity sampling throughout.

Client Sampling

Aircuity is installed in leading office buildings around the globe.

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