Better Air,
Better Outcomes

Why Aircuity?

90% of our time is spent indoors where the air often contains 4-10x the pollutants of outdoor air. The COGfx Studies* show that a green building can have a significant impact on occupants’ productivity and cognitive performance. Optimizing ventilation is a good move for your health and helps drive your core business outcomes.


Aircuity reliably reduces energy use by 40-60% in labs and by 15-30% in other variable population buildings such as: office buildings, classrooms, libraries, casinos and arenas. Energy savings are further enhanced by Aircuity’s exhaust fan and economizer applications. In many cases, Aircuity is the highest energy conservation measure.

Aircuity has a large impact on carbon in energy intensive buildings. It is also an enabling technology in net zero energy (NZE) buildings as every KW saved with Aircuity, saves 300x on the clean energy required! Aircuity is currently installed in over half a dozen NZE schools and a NZE lab!

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