Promoting a Patient-First Environment


Aircuity optimizes ventilation for healthy indoor environmental quality throughout the healthcare facility while saving energy. The platform also provides data 24/7 on air and building equipment that otherwise wouldn’t be available. This can be used to support regulatory compliance and other key hospital metrics. Aircuity can be implemented in several areas of the hospital campus, including ORs labs, as well as gathering places such as lobbies or waiting rooms.

Patient First

1 in 25 hospital patients has at least one nosocomial infection. Aircuity impacts infection control through better IEQ.

JACO Compliance

Smart data supports healthcare reporting requirements.

Energy Savings

Average energy savings can be as much as 75% in critical spaces, and 10–30% in areas with variable populations.

Did You Know?

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    Aircuity offers a solution for ORs to take advantage of Clean Standby mode by continually measuring drybulb temperature, dewpoint/humidity, and other parameters to optimize unoccupied ventilation.

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    A sought after application in healthcare is particulate measurement. Aircuity senses discharge and room air to manage particulate levels.


Sampling of leading healthcare institutions that have chosen Aircuity.

Healthcare Installations
Lbs CO2 Saved Annually
MBTUs Saved Annually

Case Studies

University Health Network

Aircuity Program makes an impact at Clinical and Medical Research Organization.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Teams with Aircuity and Wins “Best Research Facility Energy Project in New England”

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