Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Chooses Aircuity for Safe, Energy Efficient Labs

Leading Teaching Hospital to Lower Energ y Costs and R educe Carbon Footprint b y Optimizin g Ventilation of Its Research and Lab Facilities

Aircuity, the smart airside efficiency compan y, today announced that it has been selected to impr ove overall e nergy efficiency and op timize buil ding ventilati on at Beth Israel Deacon ess Medical Center (BID MC), a teac hing hospital of Harvar d Medical School kno wn for excell ence in patient care, bio medical research, teaching and community service.

Aircuity’ s OptiNet system, a co mprehensive suite of intelligent ventilation measurement an d optimization technol ogies, will b e installed i n BIDMC’s research lab oratories. T he system’s Lab Demand Control Ve ntilation (La b DCV) tec hnology wil l continually sense and analyze the lab environ ments and p rovide ventilation inputs to adjust the air chang es per hour (ACH) in th e facilities as needed.

By reducing the air changes whe n lab condi tions are det ermined to be clean—and increasin g the ventilation only when needed, Lab DCV helps to ma intain safe and energy efficient ventilati on to the ho spital’s rese arch and lab facilities. I n addition, OptiNet’s c ontinuous monitoring provides lab manag ers with crit ical information that the y can use to analyze and improve lab procedu res.

“Because of the enormous energy cost of ve ntilating these critical en vironments, lab and research facility man agers aroun d the world are looking for ways to be more en ergy efficie nt without sacrificing l ab safety for their researchers and s taff,” said R ob Brierley, president a nd COO of Aircuity. “L ab DCV is o ne of the most impactf ul solutions that lab ma nagers can implement to achieve the dual objectives of safety and savings.”


About Beth Israel Deaconess M edical Center

A teachi ng hospital of Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Deacone ss Medical Center is renowned for excelle nce in patient care, bio medical research, teaching and community service. Located in the heart of Boston’s medical com munity, it h osts nearly three quart ers of a million patient visits annually in and ar ound Boston . The medical center is renowned for excellence in surgery ( including general, cardiovascular, t horacic, gas trointestinal, solid organ transplan t and vascular surgery), with minimally invasive approaches to many pro cedures. BI DMC is also known f or treatment of cardiac c onditions, c ancer and p ulmonary and thoracic disorders; and for our expertise in n euroscience s, gastroenterology and liver diseas e, obstetrics and women’s health, podiatry and emergency and trauma medicine. BIDMC is th e official ho spital of the Boston R ed Sox. For more infor mation, plea se visit: htt p://www.b


About Aircuity

Aircuity is the smart airside efficiency company providing building owners with sustained energy savings through its intelligent measurement solutions. By combining real-time sensing and continuous analysis of indoor environments, the company has helped commercial, institutional and lab building owners lower operating costs, improve safety and become more energy efficient. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Newton, MA, Aircuity’s solutions have benefitted organizations such as the University of Pennsylvania, Eli Lilly, Masdar City, the Bank of America Tower and the University of California-Irvine. For additional information on the company and its solutions, please visit:


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