Metropolis Magazine:Announcing the Winners of the 2022 Metropolis Planet Positive Awards

Payette | Rockwell Integrated Science Center Lafayette College | Easton, Pennsylvania

The Rockwell Integrated Sciences Center is a LEED Platinum certified campus science hub at Lafayette College.

A predicted EUI of 76 kBtu/sf/yr places this building in the 99th percentile for cold climate labs (only two other lab buildings score below 85 EUI out of 304 measured facilities in climate zone 5 and higher in the Labs21 Energy Benchmarking Database) with an impressive 56% reduction in energy use compared to the code baseline.

The building’s 53 lab spaces are equipped with Aircuity air monitoring system, which constantly measures VOCs to ensure a safe working environment while avoiding the high ventilation rates that is standard for laboratories.

Since its opening, students have been using the building at all hours, helping to validate the building’s “more with less” approach.