Aircuity helps healthcare facilities meet unique energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality challenges.

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) is critically important as hospitals and other health care facilities face an ever-changing array of illnesses that are sensitive to changes in air conditions. Aircuity's solution is a "Healthy" Demand Control Ventilation that continuously monitors critical IEQ factors and informs building ventilation control systems so that appropriate levels of fresh air can be provided at all times.

Quality First

IEQ is the priority, and energy savings are nice to have; Healthcare facilities are single minded in their efforts to provide a comfortable, healing environment for their patients. At the same time, health care costs in general have driven health administrators to look for cost savings wherever feasible. Aircuity can help healthcare facility managers reduce costs and maintain a high quality IEQ.

Aircuity “Smart Lab” Demand Control Ventilation for Research Areas

Aircuity’s Lab Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) system accurately measures airborne contaminants on a continuous basis and informs building management controls so that proper ventilation is maintained. When the air is clean, ventilation is reduced, saving significant amounts of energy. When issues are detected, ventilation rates are raised to design maximums until the air is clean once again. Aircuity’s lab DCV solution has been successfully deployed in hospital, health research, laboratory, and pharmaceutical environments.

Aircuity “Smart Standby” Mode for Operating Rooms

Operating rooms require significant fresh air flow when in use, but significant energy savings could be realized by reducing the air flow during vacant time. Rather than manually turning down ventilation rates during unoccupied times and “hoping” the air stays clean, with Aircuity, the ventilation rates will be adjusted automatically based on the actual environmental quality, helping to ensure a healthy environment while saving energy costs.

Intelligence and Insight

Aircuity’s Reporting component provides a dashboard with actionable information as a daily view of facility performance. Facility managers can delve deeper into any event seen on the dashboard using Graphing and Exporting.

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Case Study- St. Francis Hospital

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Case Study

Case Study – Saint Francis Hospital

Case Study

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