Special Purpose Facilities

Aircuity can help manage critical indoor environmental parameters for special purpose buildings.

Aircuity's multiplexed system of remote air sampling and centralized measurement is the perfect way to monitor critical parameters and maintain tightly controlled indoor environments.

Data Centers

Data centers require continuous air conditioning to address increasingly high internal heat loads and to maintain indoor temperature and
humidity levels within recommended equipment operating levels. Outside air economizers, which bring in large amounts of outside air to cool internal loads when weather conditions are favorable, can potentially save a substantial amount of cooling energy.

Aircuity’s system interfaces easily to your building automation system providing accurate environmental sensing to provide you with the most efficient, safe operating environment for your critical systems.

Crime Labs

Forensic crime labs have unique design requirements, combining many different research lab components within a single facility.  The Aircuity system provides a cost effective approach to providing optimal ventilation while maintaining a tightly controlled indoor environment.

Critical Storage

Archives, film libraries, and other critical storage facilities require precise control of temperature, humidity, and particulates in the air.  Aircuity is a natural choice for the monitoring and critical validation of these sensitive spaces. With its incorporation of high grade, precision instrumentation, sensitive documents and artifacts can be assured the proper conditions are being maintained.

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