Aircuity Platform Operation

Aircuity provides continuous data analysis to optimize energy use and indoor environmental quality.

Aircuity's system operates by continuously collecting an array of building environmental data for real-time monitoring and control of building ventilation. Air samples are gathered from individual spaces through the Air Data Router and multiplexed through the network to the Sensor Suite for analysis. This sampled data is transmitted to MyAircuity for archiving, review, and report generation. This information is communicated to your Building Management System, allowing you to control the ventilation to reduce energy costs and improve the Indoor Environmental Quality.

Air Samples

Air samples are drawn from individual test areas through the Air Data Router, and then multiplexed across the communications backbone back to the Sensor Suite.

Air Data Router

Multiple areas throughout a facility can be monitored and controlled by the networking of additional Air Data Routers.

Common Sensor Platform

A shared common sensor platform negates sensor errors for true differential measurement; and minimizes calibration and maintenance costs.

Information Management System

A wealth of sensor data is transmitted from the network to the Information Management System. The IMS provides network management of Sensor Suites; communications to MyAircuity for a web-based user interface and graphing; and integration to a facility's building management system.

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Aircuity Platform

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