4 Facts You Need to Know About IAQ Management

  1. Discrete sensors inherently lack accuracy. A study by LBNL has proven them to most often be out of spec upon install and/or 1 year after. Aircuity on the other hand is accurate upon installation and throughout the life of the building.
  2. TVOCs are a critical IAQ parameter to measure- especially now when stronger cleaning chemicals are being used over a larger amount of space. For maximum accuracy both PID (Photo Ionization Sensing & MOS (Metal Oxide Sensing) should be used to ensure the widest and most accurate VOC sensing. It is actually the only TVOC measurement that EH&S and Infectious Control will accept.
  3. Measuring IAQ parameters shouldnโ€™t involve guesswork- there are actual science-based IAQ standards (see here on page 2) that should be adhered to.
  4. Measuring and managing IAQ creates a healthy environment without just opening all of the dampers to bring in outside air all day and night. That would get very costly, plus how can you manage IAQ parameters that you donโ€™t measure? Aircuity allows building managers to bring in fresh air where and when needed!