Over 50% Savings in Labs – What creates such big savings?

Aircuity’s patented demand control ventilation system typically reduces HVAC costs by more than 50% in labs.  How do we save such a significant amount of energy?

Here is a breakdown of the energy efficiency benefits:

  • Reduced airflow in laboratories that use 100% outside air systems, leading to:
  • Reduced fan motor energy for both supply fans and exhaust fans
  • Reduced pre-heat and cooling energy: less airflow requires less steam to heat it, or chilled water to cool it to setpoint
  • Reduced reheat: as lab ventilation air is delivered to different spaces, most have internal heat loads that require significant cooling, however, for many spaces, the delivered flow rates still provide more cooling than is necessary, and to maintain temperature, reheat is used. With lower minimum allowable flow rates, this amount of reheat is dramatically reduced.
  • More efficient generation of chilled water at the chiller plant and greater turndown capacity control