Aircuity Helps Validate Healthy Air for Teachers’ Union

As a company headquartered in New England, we’re always pleased when we have the chance to partner with local organizations. That’s why we were proud to install the Aircuity platform in several area schools to monitor and control for CO2.

With the schools transitioning back to full-time, in-person learning, the teachers’ union at one of the school districts in the Northeast wanted to ensure the healthiest environment possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This prompted the union put forth an ambitious air quality goal: maintaining CO2 levels of below 900ppm.

Aircuity has been a key component in the district’s back-to-classroom strategy by providing a platform to accurately measure and control IAQ. The schools’ facilities departments can also easily export data and regularly present it to teachers’ union representatives to validate the building’s air quality.

Additionally a second Northeast town recently conveyed that they used the Aircuity analytics to ensure that healthy air was continuously being provided at the elementary school. When prepping to bring kids back into the classrooms they informed parents of the sophisticated IAQ system installed (Aircuity) which made parents feel more at ease about the decision to send their kids back into the buildings.

With Aircuity’s centralized sensing system, schools like the ones mentioned that are measuring CO2 can also easily add particle, CO and TVOCs sensing in the future for an even broader control of IAQ.