Integrated Approach: The Impact of Airflow Optimization on HVAC Equipment Sizing

Achieving aggressive carbon-reduction targets requires a holistic, integrated approach to HVAC design. While energy efficient equipment like heat recovery systems, VFDs and electric boilers should each be considered, optimizing airflow first will create the most significant impact. Including Aircuity as part of an integrated approach creates a reduced energy baseload and in turn allows for downsizing of units and enhances the ROI of other measures. Below is a chart from a lab building in Seattle which shows the impact that Aircuity can have on other technologies. The reduced size requirements mean huge cost savings, as typically $1 invested in airflow optimization saves $5 in electrification costs!

HVAC System With Aircuity Without Aircuity

% Reduction

Heat Recovery 450 ton 520 ton 19%
AWHP Modules 1540 ton 1760 ton 13%
Electric Boilers 1150 kW 2050 kW 44%
Chillers 1140 ton 1260 ton 10%
PV Array 60 kW 90-125 kW 33%-50%