Your Partner in the WELL Journey

Working with owners, developers and architects to create measurably better environments and achieve WELL™ Certification.

-Aircuity can contribute up to 9 points towards WELL Certification
-It’s only a marginal cost increase compared to a CO2 only system
-We will assist you to identify existing design features that apply for WELL points

There is a movement taking place with certifications such as WELL and Fitwel rapidly growing, research like the COGfx studies becoming more common knowledge and building occupants demanding healthier work environments. Building owners and wellness studies are currently promoting increased ventilation level, which makes demand control ventilation even more crucial in reducing energy use and operational expenses. Aircuity is your partner for providing a healthier space for building occupants and obtaining building certifications such as WELL or Fitwel. The platform continually optimizes ventilation based on multiple sensed parameters while also providing data monitoring needed for WELL re-certification every 3 years.

Aircuity goes beyond incorporating our system into the building, we can also help clients identify existing (or high ROI incremental) design features that can gain further points for WELL or other certifications. For customers considering demand control ventilation through a CO2-only system, upgrading to Aircuity requires a marginal investment, but makes the space “WELL Ready”. This leaves the option open for a future certification while also creating an even healthier space for occupants through multi-parameter DCV and giving owners and building managers 24/7 access to view intelligent data on IEQ.

Aircuity has over a decade of experience providing better indoor environments and simultaneously reducing energy use. We have numerous commercial office installations around the world and are installed in the headquarters of companies leading on employee wellness such as Amazon, Bank of America, and Google. With Aircuity, buildings become a strategic asset impacting the bottom line and the organization’s core mission

Reach out to Aircuity and one of our team members experienced with WELL can talk through the project with you.

Watch the International WELL Buildings Institute’s video on WELL.