Economizer Control

Make a Difference in Energy Savings with True Differential Enthalpy Based Economizer Control

Aircuity's OptiNet system enables the use of differential enthalpy sensing for economizer control--increasing comfort while maximizing energy savings.

Differential Enthalpy:  Aircuity makes it possible

Using differential enthalphy sensing for economizer control delivers significantly better results than dry bulb sensing, but the issue of maintaining and calibrating this type of sensor has limited its use in the market.  Of course, dry bulb sensing has issues as well.  Most standard dry bulb, temperature-based economizers can’t function properly over any given length of time.  Exposing sensors to outside elements makes them more prone to drift and failure.  Additionally, the use of multiple sensors to calculate differential measurement can mulitply the error of inaccurate sensors.

With Aircuity system architecture, a centralized sensor suite and a single, high quality sensor can be used with multiple benefits:

  • The sensor is in a suite, protected from outside elements and particles
  • Differential measurement is achieved by the use of a single sensor
  • Factory calibration every 6 months ensures accuracy
  • Data is integrated into BMS for accuarte damper control

Differential enthalpy sensing can improve economizer energy savings by 15 – 100%.  The system’s control application maximizes available free cooling so that your system can determine the best possible cooling effect – and lower operation costs. Without the concerns of traditional economizers, you can feel comfortable and secure with the promise of energy savings for years to come.

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White Paper

OptiNet Applications – A Review of the Unique Requirements for Facility Monitoring System

To successfully and cost effectively enable energy savings applications such as demand controlled ventilation and differential enthalpy economizer control, a multi-parameter, multiple location, facility monitoring system should be deployed and at least meet the requirements described within this white paper.